Port Townsend- Spheres

These conceptual renderings depict a series of spherical forms that serve as acoustic shells for the newly proposed amphitheater that will replace and adapt the existing tidal clock structure located in downtown Port Townsend. Proposed Rammed-Earth benches will provide urban infrastructure to support the wide range of community gatherings, performances and festivals that occur throughout the year. Drawing inspiration from the local boat-building traditions, the artwork utilizes materials specific to the maritime industry. Sail medium will clad timber frames that serve as the backbone for a pair of acoustic shells. These acoustic shells will provide a datum in which natural light and wind will filter through the site, promoting a heightened sense of time and place. Collaborating with local builders, the artwork aims at embracing the inherent craft and knowledge of Port Townsend. Focused on creating a sustainable and durable artwork, I aim at employing materials that will stand the test of time, as well as wind and solar exposure. Juxtaposing the rigid forms of the classic Port Townsend buildings, the acoustic shell structures embody the fluidity of aquatic organisms, providing a contrast that accentuates the properties of the existing infrastructure.

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